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When building earnings in trading, you might wonder how to do this.  You don’t have to look too far though when looking for ways to improve the commission along with the profits gained from market trades. So where do we start when we want to generate income with this? Well first, you should look at your online following, family members who want to also do forex, or even friends who would like to change to something else because they don’t like their broker. 

If the answer to any of these is yes, then Forex trading is worth it. A lot of brokers even offer affiliate programs or introducing brokers as an initiative.  This is where traders literally refer to others and get a commission, whether it’s a trade that’s profitable or not. So, if you want to introduce people to new brokers, you’ll get the commission on the referral, and you don’t have to do anything about that.

Advertise Online

Consider advertising more online as an affiliate. Links posted to social media, email blasts, and banners are all great for introducing others to affiliate programs. Traders who use these links and advertise on their different platforms will also get more earnings out of this.

American FX Capital takes the extra step to ensure that you have the right tools for marketing, so it’s worth checking to see if your broker has a pack to help people get the referrals that they need to generate more exposure as well.

The brokers as well can also have direct contact with the affiliate managers, so it’s a win for everyone.

How does this work Then

So, if you want to be an affiliate broker, you essentially will get a link from your broker to the IB in order to advertise on social media channels as fit. Each time the person clicks on the link, the affiliate system that’s attached to that will see that there is a new trader that’s been referred. This is information that’s from therelogged into a back office system that belongsto the broker in order to track the commissions that are owed based on the successful referral signups that happen based off the link provided.

Traditionally, these brokers often offer the commission structure, which is basic, in which the person will earn a flat rate for every single client per a lot traded.

So, for example, the broker will pay 3 dollars per lot that’s done by the trader that’s refereed to them. The IB refers one trader to them, and the trader has an asset that has a volume of two lots. So, each lot is three dollars, times two, the IB gets 6 dollars from it. This is of course paid on a monthly basis in your trading account, and you can always get the funds withdrawn or even used as trade capital if you’re looking for that.

The benefits

The benefits are obvious, and both the broker and the client are mutually benefitted if the profitable measures are put in place and marketed effectively. For brokers for example, the standout benefit is of course, upsurge of online brand exposure. By offering the commission, the broker then makes more money by advertising. It literally benefits both parties, so you can get a lot more money, and help your broker grow.  The more the IB puts forth to advertise and refer the clients, the additional income that will grow from this.

Account holders can generate increased income as well without placing trades, which means that you’ll have monthly earnings through the power and ability to market as well.